Patterrn is a full-service communications and content agency with a focus on sport and technology. We work with companies across the world such as sports stakeholders, technology start-ups, leading agencies and major sponsors, offering bespoke solutions for their communications needs.


Chris Stevens

Account Manager


“We have been extremely impressed by Patterrn’s extensive network and high level of professionalism.
The strategic planning along with energy to execute has been excellent at every turn.”
Marc Cohen, CEO, Hypetex

“We have been working with Patterrn for a number years across three different Championships (FE, WEC, ELMS). The efficiency of their team has helped generate outstanding results and we look forward to continuing that relationship.”
Carl Gurdjian, Managing Director, PHG UK

“Patterrn leads the way in global media strategy and up-to-the-nanosecond social media engagement.
We don’t think of them as a vendor; they work side-by-side with us as our international partner.”
Jim Mullen, Executive Producer, SAFEisFAST.com

“The quality of Patterrn’s work and the high-level analysis provided through their social media & PR reports has enabled my communications team to secure sponsorship deals and satisfy all the brands I work with across different championships.”
Jean-Eric Vergne, 2x Formula E Champion